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Call for action: together we can!

CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN Campaign video (1min40) Video campagna (versione italiana & L.I.S.) Video campagne (French version) Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was this lady with a life similar to many others and a 9-to-5 job in the corporate world. Years after years a very comfortable routine in a privileged country…Read more »

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Ile aux cocos

I have been quite, having too much to share lately and not being able to! Many things happening that I will do my best to catch up with; and yet, I want to finish my first trip to Rodrigues to give you the full picture of that amazing experience back in February. Stay tuned for…Read more »

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New sunshine for another inspiring day at Rodrigues island

Waking up in a “castle” facing the sea: would you not feel a princess as I did?! Once again, I spent the night in a different area, between Anse aux Anglais and Grand Baie in the north of the Island (la Tourelle). This ‘small tower’ was in a great location to enjoy an early morning…Read more »

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My adventure continues: Rodrigues island

Second night in the island: a first day dense of adrenaline was leading the way to a relaxing and blissful evening in store for me that day:-) Driving south, we reach the centre of the island. Places may look far away when seeing them on the map, although I can tell you that the drive…Read more »

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Nice to meet you

I am a biologist promoting a tourism sustainable and responsible. I choose destinations and services/facilities driven by an environmental mindset. The aim is to discover the travel that unfolds great rewards at an individual and collective level. An unforgettable experience that inspires your thoughts combined to an attention for the people and environment of the place visited.

Are you open to have your life changing experience?