01.11.2009         7.15am

Left the women’s centre.

SaintJoseph (6)
the women centre 


Gone to the Franciscan for breakfast and to see Sergio (the males were sleeping there whereas we were at the women place)

S. Francesco’s centre


Left for Abomay-arrival expected at 11.30am.

First orphanage with small babies

first ever orphanage: I could not stop my tears…

second orphanage with young children.



Left to go to Dassa…maybe with a short break to have something to eat…?!


Stopped at a restaurant…with little local food available.

we went to a place where we could take a shower as we were feeling and looking disgusting!!!

The roads have a reddish soil that gets everywhere including the underwear! In the car with the windows opened, the result is… unspeakable .


A typical road

Around 5.25pm, we went to a “casa Famiglia” and I played with 10 kids for all afternoon…singing and dancing…I ended up very dirty again.

casaFamigliaDassà (5)
Casa famiglia Dassa


I am in the room now and we are separating all the stuff mixed in our suitcase that we carried with us from home to give to the kids- tomorrow early morning we will be leaving for another very long ride!!!

This was all the stuff we carried from home to bring to children by car….

My life changing experience

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