Here it’s where my story starts

 01.10.2009      5.45 pm

I am in Casablanca airport, Mohammed V its name. I got here at 3pm and I will be flying to Cotonou, Benin at 8.55pm.

Actually I was supposed to be already there but when I went to the airport yesterday there was a problem…so I am leaving today instead.

I will be in Cotonou at 2.30am and Anna is coming to pick me up.


I am starting my journey today… These will be my notes with a line about my experience at least once a day…

I believe I am going to have a life changing experience which I want to record forever-I want to have in writing my emotions, my feelings that one day I will read again.

I will stay in Benin till the 19th of November…with people that I neither met nor seen before.

I found this Italian NGO, Amici di Francesco ( and got to know that there was a group of volunteers leaving to Africa at the beginning of November.

It fitted my plan perfectly!...😃

...this year I had finally decided to test myself and my “forever present desire” of wanting to be in Africa with the children.

Well, I won’t ever talk about it again without knowing what it really means! It’s 6.15pm, I was writing sitting on a chair in front of a caffe’-there was a guy in front of me that asked to sit at my table…so now he is next to me….I am stopping for a sec to look for somewhere else to sit😅

just to finish off, I want to record that I am dreaming that moment when I will have those little children next to me in the small villages there…

I have only ever imagined this in my dreams-now becoming a reality.

If I only think for a moment at it, my eyes fill up with tears for the overwhelming emotions.

my journal

I will let you know….soon tomorrow💫

For pics: My life changing experience


7 thoughts on “Here it’s where my story starts

  1. You are truly an inspiration. I’m so lucky to know you and even more to those who open up their mind to change and accept all the good that you and universe offer.


  2. Gabriella, I am sorry to see you go. But I think it’s good for you. You are so brave to completely follow your heart. it is admired. Wish you all the best in your new advanture!

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