Waking up in a “castle” facing the sea: would you not feel a princess as I did?!

Once again, I spent the night in a different area, between Anse aux Anglais and Grand Baie in the north of the Island (la Tourelle).

This ‘small tower’ was in a great location to enjoy an early morning run alongside the beach. Running is what I usually do when I am in a new place as it is one healthy way to discover the pace of local life under another light.

The best discoveries are made during my runs…by adventuring through little allies in search of the most hidden spots, and unknown paths.

What a blissful way to approach a new day…with so many wonders ahead.

‘Running’ late to my meeting with Paul, we finally drive to Port Mathurin for a visit at Care-co Complex #rodriguesisland🌴.

It is a non-profit enterprise that has been established since 1989. One of the first employee 29 back is Gonzague Pierre Louis who is blind and still attends the centre daily (although now retired).

The main objectives of the enterprise is to train and employ people with disabilities by giving them a vastly improved life and a place in the society.

There are currently three departments with 35 full-time employed disabled and 6 trainees:

  • Bees for Development
  • Rehab Group
  • Care-Co boutique

In the shop you will find a range of original and useful handcrafts mainly made from Coconut Shell.

I visited the workshop where some employees were proud to be observed displaying their competencies.

I was happily taking their picture to celebrate them. You may not find these as the most spectacular shots…..and yet, those are my most heartfelt and meaningful ones 💚

There aren’t mountain’s⛰ , sea 🌊 or sunset’s views 🌅 ~
There are instead….
-smiles 😊
-hard work☝🏻
-helping hands 🤝

I was taken to their other department where they produce the best honey in the island with beehives and a range of beekeeping equipment.
In 2009, Honey from Care-Co was awarded First Prize in Class 6 (Honey from all countries of the world except UK & Ireland) at the National Honey Show UK.

Also in 2009 Care-Co was a finalist in the BBC, Newsweek, and Shell World Challenge for Innovative entreprises worldwide. The honey is sold both in the town centre of Port Mathurin and at the centre. I could not buy any at that time as it was all sold out!!!!!

Training courses in beekeeping and handicraft are held regularly for the graduates of the Gonzague Pierre Louis Special Learning Centre which is found adjacent.


In this Learning centre lead by the Trevor Huddleston Association for the disabled, there are children from 3 years old that have hearing and visual impairments, speech and language problems amongst other learning difficulties. Approximately 50 children attends small learning groups that are provided with the support tailored to their individual difficulty. My genuine suggestion:

  • Pay a visit to the warm-hearted boutique full of perfect gifts and souvenirs before heading back home
  • Get a chance to try best quality honeypots 🍯 and candles 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
  • Meet one of the hero in the Centre Birgit, inspiring example of energy, enthusiasm and determination 💪🏻


It should have been me thanking them for their invaluable gift that day…


….whereas I was appreciated for the souvenirs taken at the boutique and my visit there.


Its an unmissable chance for a visit of pure joy and love.

Contact me if you like to purchase any of the products from the boutique.

Following a touching morning, we headed for a quick lunch and visited some lodges.

Tekoma is a 4-star hotel at Anse Ally, on the east coast. It has an harmonious and chic feel to it, ideal for those that desire a luxurious honeymoon and/or a very comfortable holiday. Despite its elegance, the Hotel retains a simple, authentic ‘footprint’ that characterises the island. The development of the complex has been made via an environmentally-sustainable approach with the choice of natural materials, recycling waste water, lack of boat house and absence from the menu of endangered sea species.

A key feature that I have not found anywhere else yet: Rodrigues wants to maintain its identity even though the development will be slower, and thoroughly considered.

This extreme care for the island is embedded in the culture and heritage of its inhabitants. Despite the technology era: mobile phones and modern devises, the Rodriguans are yet living in simplicity. Young people still appreciate fashion accessories and clothing, the latest technologies, dancing on contemporary music but they do not wish to sacrifice their island only to benefit from mass consumption. Yes to modern consumer products and no to excess development! A generation that loves nature and the wild aspect of Rodrigues, but refuses overly developed infrastructure for the establishment of more hotels with the accompanying nuisances.

I have felt that even visiting one of the highest spec hotel in the island.

Tekoma has 2 types of luxurious rooms, immersed in a peaceful and quiet surrounding with a stunning sea view. The blue of the lagoon is the inspiration for the bright turquoise decor contrasting with shades of sand, brown and slate, and natural wood.

There is a wellness centre, a local diving centre, a spectacular fine sandy beach, perfect for a complete relax for switching off from hectic and busy life styles.


The views I had in front of me were some of the most pristine and unique seen in the island.

Additionally, there is a surprise: some nearby little paths lead to a nature reserve with a small beach tucked away between the cliffs known as Beach Rock (next on my agenda).

Back on the road, we get to the auberge St Francois to leave my luggage that was everyday traveling along with me at the back of the car.

Will tell you in my next post how was my stay at the auberge St. Francois…(not to be missed).

Back to the hike at Trou d’Argent…we get close to a good spot for the car (that you don’t really need at all).

The Silver Hole-Anse trou d’Argent is ranked among the 30 best preserved beaches in the world, a treasure hidden among the rocks.

Rodrigues is an island that needs to be discovered on foot, whether it is an inland trip or a trip along the edge of the lagoon. In this way the beauty and secrets of the island gradually unfold themselves while you walk through the numerous charming paths that criss-cross its territory. It is a great opportunity to meet the natives too or simply to come across cows, goats, pigs and sheep enjoying their freedom!

Trou d’Argent is the perfect spot for sunset’s chasers like me…..

I was there at sunset: in a mere forty minutes walk from Tekoma you can reach the three main beaches there.

The short walk is extremely pleasant and in the shadow of small pines. Nevertheless I don’t advise to go during the hottest times of the day.

There are yellow marks along the road to guide people up to Trou d’Argent. The best time  to go there is during high tide, generally in the morning; when tide is too low the barrier reef is near and it becomes too difficult to get into the water for a swim. Did you know that it is the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth causing the rise and fall of sea levels?…I am always fascinated by science😊

“Beach Rock” is like a private beach with two tall cliffs on either side framing an isolated and desert paradise.

The view is amazing and the sound of the sea and waves is awesome.

A must see in Rodrigues!

If you love snorkelling this is a great place to enjoy a spectacular and preserved sea life.  Personally I had a very nice deep in a warm and transparent water, entirely for myself…

I truly enjoyed the scenery in peace, rocked by the waves crashing on the cliff.

How privileged!

Don’t forget your snorkelling gears and baskets. Take with you some water as there isn’t much around. And bring back the rubbish, sea is already suffering due to our human intervention-no need to make it worse.

My most precious takeaway of the day:

….Dreams become true sometimes….and the impact on us is even more profound when we leave behind the beliefs imposed to us by our modern society; in my particular case, I often hear my parents repeating to me that I should be ‘content’ with what I have without trying to seek for more…

While I can understand their point of view as parents (trying hard to stop the daughter wanting to discover the world), I fundamentally do not agree with this statement.

Life is one-if we give up on the desire to grow, learn, discover, what is left?

We become just a clone of others that survive rather than live.

Who does not dream at least once ….. to be ALONE on a desert beach 🏝…?!
…to feel completely free🦋

…to be in harmony with the elements🌞 

…to perceive the essence of the surroundings…👣

I have lived IT in #rodriguesisland🌴 where this is reality…..

…… I was blown away 🌬by the scenic contrast between the tiny waves on the seashore 🐚and the distant roar of the Indian Ocean 🌊 crashing against the reef

♦️Freedom, harmony and authenticity

♦️ Don’t ever think that dreams are a product of our imagination….💭
                                    Travel, our master 👨🏻‍🏫 teaches us the opposite …

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