I have been quite, having too much to share lately and not being able to!

Many things happening that I will do my best to catch up with;

and yet, I want to finish my first trip to Rodrigues to give you the full picture of that amazing experience back in February.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next…

I am going to share in this and next post my last two days and nights, starting from the most amazing sunrise I ever seen in my life.


I spent the night at auberge St Francois, where I had an amazing time.

It is located on the east of the island with incredible beaches to choose from.

I woke up with the soothing sound of multicolour birds around 5am that day. Got up and went for my run- sleeping was for me a wasted time when in Rodrigues.

The run was the best of all: sea, mountains, green landscapes and a breathtaking sunshine.

If you ever doubting if it is worthy to wake up early, I would always be an advocate for it!

The morning in the auberge was a beautiful sequence of wonders. After having been swimming in a warm water at 6am admiring the fisher men starting their day, I went for breakfast. The ambience was so comfortable and familiar that I ended up talking to all the other guests at the auberge. It’s so that I met a wonderful couple, Christian and Claudia.


It is an unforgettable couple that has added up to my heart’s library. There are things in life, we can’t always explain through rationality. Good vibes and positivity are those chemical interactions that leave us with extraordinary memories never to be forgotten.

I exchanged my number with them and left as soon as Paul arrived.

Plan of the day: exciting boat ride to the Ile aux cocos.

Within the lagoon of Rodrigues, which is formed by the encircling coral reef, there are a number of small uninhabited islands, Ile Aux Chats,  Hermitage Island, Ile aux Cerfs and Ile Catherine amongst others. All of them offer an outstanding opportunity to observe migratory and sea birds and also enjoy snorkeling breaks.

Ile aux cocos🌴 is a nature reserve emerging from the lagoon 4km to the west of Rodriguez mainland.
It is known for its 4500 birds colonies, including:
-the white schooners (Goelettes blanches)
-the virgin bird (z’oiseaux la vierge)
-Sooty terns (yéyé)

It is covered with coconut trees 🌴, casuarina trees and an enormous variation of prickly shrubs along its beautiful long sandy beaches.
Rodriguez government has achieved the implementation of an environmental policy to protect the area in its natural conditions for the use, appreciation and enjoyment of conscious travelers like us (!) in search of unique experiences💜

Nevertheless there are some seen that stole my attention when I was there bringing clouds over a vital sun.

the ugly journey of our trash: a different prospective of the same sight…
•its the journey of our rubbish, traveling over land, down streams, rivers and storm drains to our #ocean🌊 , and drifting thousands of miles to the most remote ocean places…
<over 6 million tons: 90% is plastic>
•as travelers 🗺 •as nature’s lovers 🏝⛰🌊•as world’s lovers 🌎 … we need to always follow few rules to respect the places we visit; in this case:

•shells and sand stay on the beach

•wildlife not to be approached

•waste to be taken away with us


Access in the island is by permit only.
You can take a small boat from the small fishing village of Pointe Diamble that in 1 hr will bring you to one of most invaluable treasure of #rodriguezisland.

It’s a place not to be missed and can only be visited by arrangement with the local tourism office.

After having enjoyed some fresh fish and a picnic in this paradise, we went back to the boat at 1.30pm as everybody has to leave the island by that time.

On the way back, we stopped at Mont Adonis just to admire another breathtaking view, heading this time for a night at Oasis Nature lodge.

Next post will be about my last night immersed in nature and my last day at the ‘fête du Poisson 2018’….

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