What an incredible journey!

Choosing the road less traveled is tough but rewarding too…

When I quit my job last year to follow a passion, I had not idea what was in store for me.

This is the hard part: embrace uncertainty over security… darkness over light; and yet, I give you my word, there will be wonders around the corner.

The unknown secret is to exert patience, certainly not one of my skills; and yet, I can now add proudly this one more merit, to the list.

Beyond the progress on my project (sharing with you soon), I met incredible people and built awesome partnerships. I have realised how many great stories are out there, we are not aware of.

Such awareness has become part of my asset: knowing that many others have embarked on exceptional missions with great success, instils a precious hope, and become a source of vital energy. 

Here an admirable story I am delighted to share about an amazing US Organisation I have partnered with: Facebook.

Read their journey:

In Nov of 2016, One More Generation founders Olivia and her brother Carter launched their global OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign in an effort to help clean up our environment and educate people on the harms of using single use plastic straws.  

Some interesting facts: Did you know that in America, they are using an estimated 500,000,000 plastic straws every single day?  That is the equivalent to 1.6 straws for every man, woman and child living in the country every single day.  If you were to take an entire day’s worth of plastic straws, they would fill up over 127 school buses.  That is like over 46,400 school buses full of one-time use plastic straws that are ending up in our landfills and waterways every year.  Sick isn’t it?

Since the launch of the campaign, One More Generation (OMG) has had over 5,000 people from over 60 countries around the world sign their on-line pledge form stating that “they promise not to use a single use plastic straw for at least 30-days”.

Almost 800 partners from around the world have also joined OneLessStraw Partners Page  and helped to share their initiative with their fans.  They have had schools, restaurants, resorts and even zoos and aquariums sign-on showing their support for this important issue. If your organization would like to be listed as a partner, just email them your logo and website link you want associated with the logo for consideration.  

Olivia and Carter realized that reducing our plastic footprint could be very easy to do; we just need to say ‘NO‘ to single-use plastics such as straws.  To encourage everyone to stop using single use plastic straws, they have partnered with the folks at Healthy Human, who has a great offer: they will send everyone who signs OneLessStraw pledge a link to purchase a set of three stainless-steel reusable drinking straws (including postage) to help them stay plastic straw free forever.  The cost is just $5.00 for three metal straws and that includes postage and a $1.00 donation back to OMG. 

They are asking schools across the nation and even in select countries to have their students participate in the program.  Schools signing on are listed as partners on their Partners Page and on their interactive Google map.

Students are then given the opportunity to sign the pledge stating they promise not to use a single plastic straw for at least 30-days.  Students are also encouraged to speak with their favorite restaurant and ask them to participate by signing a pledge stating they promise to only hand out straws upon request for 30-days.  They even have cool campaign buttons for servers to wear which helps explain the campaign to their customers.  The buttons are FREE and available in nine languages. 

If you have a school/district or restaurant you would like to speak with about taking the pledge, just email OMG (info@onemoregeneration.org) and they will help you work out the details.  

The OneLessStraw.org website has lots of resources and a cool interactive Google map which will tracks the progress of the campaign around the country and even around the world. 

The very first restaurant to join the campaign was North Beach Bar and Grill in Tybee Island GA and they are already reporting that their staff loves the idea and even the customers are gladly participating.  Check out the testimonial they sent.

The pins are a hit!  Thank you again for including us in this project.  Progress is being made – I had lunch with 7 people today at the Grill. Only 1 of the 8 asked for a straw and was then shamed by the rest of the group:)

Kathryn Williams

As you can see, the campaign is designed to be fun and produce long-lasting results. Please download the pledge forms from their website or complete the online version today.

Thank you in advance for helping and supporting a great cause:

“Remember, anybody can make a difference… if we can, you can too.”


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