“Travel4thoughts” is a mindset. It matches the profile of the curious and conscious traveler that becomes ‘richer’ with each trip. Travel indeed means learning, seeing different prospective, meeting other cultures, and becoming ultimately better people. Travel is a timeless experience that continues to live in us once the trip is over. 


Only few key ingredients required from our side: 
  • full immersion with locals;
  • appreciation of differences and other cultures;
  • respect for the destination’s natural and environmental resources (i.e. water consumption, energy saving, natural heritage);
  • genuine interest in supporting the economy of the place visited engaging with local food, arts and crafts, and family owned businesses;
  • curiosity and desire for discovery;

I am a mono-color breed… Italian DNA, grown up into a multicolor soul.

I am a sunrise and sunset chaser, one of my favorite pastime. I embrace the energizing morning sun and acknowledge the poetic evening one with a kiss of good night.


‘Breathing in’ the unspoiled beauty of the world is my inspirational endeavor when I am not busy in yoga breathing.

And ‘Earthing’ too! Are you familiar with it? Walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand keeps me alive through the connection between my body and the electrons in the earth…

I am sure that by now you may have spotted my scientist lens; it is where my desire to preserve our delicate ecosystem comes from. I am grateful to my teacher, at school’s and PhD’s times; and yet, I am grateful for having discovered the greatest master of all.

Traveling is undoubtedly my greatest inspiration. 

My travel is done with: 
  • eyes of curious child, in search of fairytales, ‘secret gardens’ and adventures,
  • soul of mindful explorer, gone for the paths less traveled
  • brain of biologist, bound only to environment-friendly solutions