UN Trade Forum: SDGs and Climate Change

Three days spent discussing a number of interesting topics to bring into focus the need for actions on the means of implementations-finance, technology and capacity building: Trade and Climate Change: Bringing SIDS into focus Oceans economy, climate and harmful fish subsidies Circular Economy, Oceans and Plastics Pollution During the first day, the attention was on…Read more »

Lake Leman: help!

Plastic pollution is an environmental and social justice issue. Fenceline communities are most adversely affected by plastic pollution at every stage of its lifecycle; and yet, rich countries such as Switzerland are not escaping this emergency. Lately, I have been involved in many actives, neglecting my writing which I enjoy so much: visit local schools,…Read more »

A gasping, choking life STORY

Impossible to ignore what’s happening these days…. There is a lot of content being posted on the web, and sometimes it is hard to navigate and discriminate for the meaningful one. I AIM to mention here an anonymous FB post that I use as a good example to provide my personal view on a burning…Read more »

Plastic fight continues…

To those that know me, you are aware of significant achievements toward my dream of contributing to the plastic crisis affecting our beloved planet. To those that are following my journey, my silence is the symptom of me devoting my whole self to succeed in this objective. Thus, many progresses have been made in the…Read more »