A personal journey always starts from an life changing experience, an adventure, an episode.

Mine started through travel, which is undoubtedly an inspiration and food to grow, move forward and become a better version of myself.

I embraced a personal mission, being unable to witness passively the planet falling apart, teared off in small pieces by us.

I am not claiming to be able to save the earth-I WISH!

…and yet, I can humbly contribute to change the status quo by refusing certain engraved harmful behaviours of our society and influence others in doing the same.
The equation is simple: we won’t have a future on a degraded planet.

The bamboo straw project is a start: it improves the community’s ability to adapt and respond to environmental, social and economic changes; strengthening community resilience in the face of external pressures. Bamboo countless applications will enable multiple opportunities for the rural economy of a small island and will create new jobs for people with disabilities.

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