Napoli 2day: the good, the bad and the ugly

I left my place of birth, Naples in 1999. Naples can be a cosmic joke, where the sacred and the profane, the beauty and the ugly, the kindness and the crime thrive side-by-side. A city of great contradictions, often incomprehensible place, simultaneously seductive, thrilling and bewildering. Naples has a reputation for trash and chaos which…Read more »

UN Trade Forum: SDGs and Climate Change

Three days spent discussing a number of interesting topics to bring into focus the need for actions on the means of implementations-finance, technology and capacity building: Trade and Climate Change: Bringing SIDS into focus Oceans economy, climate and harmful fish subsidies Circular Economy, Oceans and Plastics Pollution During the first day, the attention was on…Read more »

Lake Leman: help!

Plastic pollution is an environmental and social justice issue. Fenceline communities are most adversely affected by plastic pollution at every stage of its lifecycle; and yet, rich countries such as Switzerland are not escaping this emergency. Lately, I have been involved in many actives, neglecting my writing which I enjoy so much: visit local schools,…Read more »